Apexplus Oil and Gas Limited was incorporated on January 2010 and is dedicated to giving the Nigerian oil and gas industry the much needed local participation and increased local content. The company is an independent fully service oil and gas company formed and owned 100% by Nigerians.

Apexplus Oil, since its inception, has been operating as a downstream operator and oil field service company providing cost effective supplies and services to the oil and gas industry through strategic alliances with international companies and local capacity building.

Today, the challenges for offshore and onshore industrial development demand new approaches, by operators, contractors and suppliers alike.

This we believe requires competence, technical resources and commitment to meet these new challenges and through a synergy of efforts by combining our capacity with recognized and reputable foreign technical partners to offer new technology and services to the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry.

Apexplus Oil and Gas is currently expanding its range of services and is securing new partners in the oil and gas sector. In pursuit to this goal, Apexplus oil and gas is establishing itself as a major player in the West African oil and gas industry.

Our strength is attributable to a number of factors: dedication to our core values, loyalty and integrity to our industry partners, and experienced professionals with prescience and abilities to breakthrough obstacles.